I am super excited to now be offering the luxury and life changing service of 'Hair Talk' tape in extensions.

I chose this amazing German brand of extensions as they are the worlds most gentle extension system. They are innovators of tape in extensions as well as being the leading provider of Remy human hair to salon professionals in over 40 countries, they also offer incredible tools and products to aid you to care for your gorgeous investment.

If you are interested in getting this exciting service you will need to first book in a consultation with me. From there we will discuss the maintenance and pricing. Providing you are happy with everything in our consultation and you would like to go ahead and book you will be able to pay your non-refundable deposit and book in your application.

Before & After


Pricing Details


This is to be paid when booking the application of your extensions, this is non-refundable and only covers the cost of the hair not the application. The amount of packs required will be clarified at your consultation. Please check below for application costs.

This cost is to be paid on the day of the application of your extensions.

$90 per application of each pack of hair.
$95 (Pre-Wash, Dry, Cut, Application & Style)

Confused? Check out this example below.

$390 (Deposit - Booking) 5 Packs of Blonde 25CM extensions
$450 (Day Of Appointment) Application of 5 Packs, Blonde, 25CM
$95 (Day Of Appointment) Services e.g Pre-Wash, Dry, Cut etc

Total: $935 


25CM 40CM 55CM
1 PACK $90 $124 $170
2 PACK $165 $233 $325
3 PACK $240 $342 $480
4 PACK $315 $451 $635
5 PACK $390 $560 $790
6 PACK $465 $669 $945


25CM 40CM 55CM
1 PACK $80 $114 $145
2 PACK $145 $213 $275
3 PACK $210 $312 $405
4 PACK $275 $411 $535
5 PACK $340 $510 $665
6 PACK $405 $609 $795


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