If you have any issues and the FAQ'S section below does not answer your inquiry please text or call Michele 0274169828. Please note that FAQS are constantly being updated and added to. Check the FAQS carefully first.

We look forward to meeting you! 



I'd like to book a consultation, how come I can't do that on the bookings? 
For consultations please message/call Michele 0274169828 and she will organise it with you and book it from her end. 

Where is the salon? 
The salon is in Addington. 3F Wise street and the salon is called Balayagehair. Depending on the time of day you may need to leave appropriate time for travel through the traffic hotspots.

Where can I find prices for services?
Great question. Please check the price list at the salon I work at. https://balayagehair.co.nz/prices/

Do you have a 'Silent Chair' service?  
Absolutely! I totally understand it's time out for some and absolutely respect that. Please leave a note when making your booking. You can simply write "Silent Chair' and I will make sure of that.

I'm unable to get hold of Michele, what should I do? 
Please message danny@tdkctalent.com (Management) if you are not able to get hold of her. Michele can be very busy and this can cause delays in replying to you. Don't stress your message will be passed on.

What if I am unsure about the service I should book with Michele? 
No worries. Just message or text Michele your situation. Again, if there is a delay in communication please refer to the above. Thanks.