Please contact management for costings and bookings with Michele. For terms and conditions please read at the bottom of this page.

[ Please pick and mix which options you would like for training. ]


Colour Theory

  • How to consult effectively.
  • Choosing the correct colour for each hair type.
  • Colour correction.

Balayage Demonstration

  • Utalising a model that Michele will demonstrate Balayage on.
  • Hands on training with a model that each stylist is to provide.



  • Fashion Events
  • Photoshoots
  • Other Events

Terms & Conditions

  • Please note that all bookings for training from Michele are visually documented for branding purposes. This means there will be at a minimum a photographer and if necessary also a videographer present who will work around the event in a transparent manner.
  • All content photographed or filmed is ownership of Boo Bear & Balayage and cannot be distributed to the event organisers, salons or clients without negotiating a fee. We do however encourage sharing content from any of our social media platforms where content of the event will be uploaded to. 
  • If the salon or event wish not to have the media team there, a fee will need to be negotiated with Boo Bear & Balayage management to compensate for the loss of brand content.